About us

Who are we?

A24 Grupp OÜ is an Estonian private equity firm founded in 2013.

Our main business is the sale and manufacturing of trailers and all the services that go along with it: maintenance, sale of spare parts, modifications, design, tuning, repairs, restoration, aftersales, warranty, etc.

Together with our manufacturing-oriented sister company A24 OÜ we have more than 18 years of experience on the trailer market and over 15 years experience manufacturing both small and large trailers.

Our partners

A24 Grupp OÜ has a long-standing successful cooperation with the UK's largest and oldest trailer manufacturer - Andover Trailers Ltd. We are the official representative of Andover Trailers in the region.

Since 2014 we have had a co-operation with Tii Group, who own brands such as NICOLAS, SCHEUERLE and KAMAG.

We have also co-operated with German manufacturers: Möslein, Langendorf and Böckmann and we are an authorized dealer of Humbaur trailers in Estonia. For animal transportation we have worked together with UK manufacturer Ifor Williams. Through our partners we can also place orders for lesser known brands of trailers.

Our advantages

We are the only heavy haulage trailer dealer in the Baltics, who actually manufactures trailers themselves. Because of this we have a deep knowledge of trailer construction, manufacturing and exploitation. Thanks to our manufacturing facility, we are capable of quickly rectifying unexpected defects and shortcomings - things that often occur when purchasing used equipment from abroad.

Our own production

In close partnership with Andover Trailers Ltd. and under a licensing agreement, we manufacture Andover step frame heavy haulage trailers with capacities ranging from 40-75 tonnes here in Estonia. In addition to this we have established our own trademark A24 TRAILERS, under which we sell custom built trailers for all kinds of applications. See our gallery of past works for examples.